Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Typical Travel Day Clothes

Hello readers :)

I'm about to embark on my next adventure to Mexico and realised that this procedure (the first day of travelling somewhere new) has become somewhat of a routine for me.

I have a travel outfit now, like a go-to, and I thought I'd share it with you because a lot of thought has gone into it over the years.

First of all, I wear a comfy bra (no explanation needed), I wear a black strap top (for when it gets too hot for anything else), I wear my loose grey jumper (for when it's a bit cooler) and I wear my trusty-travel charm (mum gave it to me back in 2012 and I wear it every time I fly!). I also wear my hair down, because then you don't have the awkwardness of taking it down to go to sleep because the hairband digs into your head when you lean on it. On that note though, I also have a loose-fitting hair band around my wrist (for when having hair gets annoying). 

Next I wear loose & comfy underwear (again no explanation needed), I wear my ugly travel pouch (usually has spare money in it and at least one spare card - I avoid having any metal in here so I don't have to take it off during security check at the airport!), then I wear thick black leggings (the kind that aren't see through and are respected as clothes in most cultures). I also wear socks, but most importantly I pack a pair of fluffy socks into my carry-on bag (for when you want to get cosy on the plane). 

Then, over all of that, I throw my favourite scarf on (thanks Abigail!) which is great for 1. Added warmth for when it's cold but also 2. Using it as a blanket on the plane and 3. Hiding stuff under when you can't be bothered with the whole "you can only have one bag on the plane and everything has to fit into it" (E.g. I often smuggle a book that won't fit into my carry-on under here). Then I have my thin jacket which adds some warmth (but not too much) and is also relatively rain proof (it also has handy pockets and can fold up really small for when it's too warm for it). Lastly, I always always always wear the largest/heaviest pair of shoes that I am taking on my trip on the plane (this saves all sorts of weight and space in your suitcase for all those other things you want to bring). 

So that's it! I realise that this doesn't at all work for guys but I'm assuming you can use the purposes of my outfit and translate it into male attire :) 

This general outfit layout works for almost all weather. It works for when you're flying from cold to hot (take off layers as you go). It works for when you're flying from hot to cold (add layers as you go). It works for when, like me, you are always hot, except when you're on a plane and then suddenly no matter what - everything is freezing! (Wrap that scarf as tight as you can). 

Other tips.. 

* Tuck the strap top into the leggings before going to sleep and you won't wake up with a cold mid-drift because you've moved and now your lower back is out. 
* Bring a spare strap top, socks, mini deodorant and underwear if you have a REALLY long journey and get changed mid-way through - it'll feel like a whole new outfit! 
*Black is one of the best colours for not showing dirt, looking appropriate no matter the weather or time of day and most cultures wear it - a perfect mask for when your journey is REALLY REAAALLY long and you have no chance to change before meeting people! (Hey it happens)


See you in Mexico,

Lots of love,

Lucy xxo


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