Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Interrail - Wiesbaden & Christmas

Wiesbaden to Schlangenbad
Translated to "Little Crunchy House"

My aunt, Marion
My dad, Martin
The face of pure joy.

Grumpy Cat
My Cousin, Marlene

My mother, Monika
My uncle, Peter

My lovely parents

My Cousin, Max

Smile! It's free!

Oma Thea and Opa Adolf
Pirate stage 1
Pirate stage 2
Pirate stage 3
End of Pirate

My Cousin, Maria

My uncle, Michael

Family... Oh how I love them. I hope everyone had a really great Christmas and I wish you all a Happy New Year. I'm packed for Ireland already! The rest of my stuff has gone back to Amsterdam with my parents, and I am super excited to be seeing Abigail again on the 8th of January. Apart from that, my plans for the rest of my Gap Year are finalizing all the way to the finish point so I guess the planning stage will finally be over soon :P

It's been 6 months since I finished school and turned 18 but it feels like a life time ago. I've been to Spain, IC12, Turkey, France, Netherlands, Germany, France again, Austria, Germany again and now I am going to Ireland, England, Germany again, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands repeatedly in between until I head off to Australia and then fly straight from there to California around the 20th of August 2013 and head back to Netherlands and then England before the start of Fresher's Week which I think is around the 23rd of September 2013.

I love and hate how time flies.
Lucy xxo

p.s. any questions so far? ;-)

Interrail - Video

As promised, I've made a video about my whole Interrail experience. If you are interested yourself, I would recommend it but definitely more in the summer months. The website I got mine from is:

and here is my video:

Ahh I had such a great time.
The 'Berlin Extended' will have to wait awhile as from tomorrow until the 20th of January,
I don't have my laptop again, sorry Sara and Klaudia ;)

Love Lucy

p.s. just watched Now is Good and bawled my eyes out. I'm such a girl.

Interrail - Berlin

The first couple of days in Berlin were pretty boring, mainly 'cause I was there on my own and although the Hostel was really nice, it was pretty much empty so meeting someone there to hang out with seemed unlikely. So I spent some time recovering and 3 hours in a laundrette washing all my clothes. It was actually super cheap to do it; washing powder, one washing machine full and then to dry it all only cost around 5 euros.
My hostel room for 4
On the 18th however I had a French roommate, Clement, who'd just got the job at an interview in Berlin so we went out and saw a bit of Berlin, then watched The Hobbit in a cinema. We were going to go out for a drink afterwards but we got pretty lost and then the subway trains weren't working properly so it was 2 am by the time we made it back to the Hostel and then we couldn't be bothered anymore.
Parts of the Wall covered in chewing gum

As far as The Hobbit is concerned, go see it, it's really good and it's funnier than The Lord of the Rings.

The cinema was just behind the blue lights.
I just HAD to have this when I saw it because it was my
favorite dish in Turkey. Also, it was only one euro!
On the 20th, Klaudia and Sara arrived at half 9 in the morning from Poland. For those of you who don't know, I know them from International Camp, they were in my tent in 2012. So I said goodbye to the Hostel, gave back my towel and for 5 euros for it and met them at the station under a very big Christmas tree.
Sara and Klaudia at Haubtbahnhof
After another hour we finally reached Sara's friends' flat in which we were staying. The flat was inside an old church... very strange place to stay but inside was really really cool. Sara's friend wasn't around so we had the flat to ourselves for the two days.
Kitchen in a Cupboard!
We changed into warmer clothes (4 pairs of socks for Sara if I remember correctly) and then went to see some sights of Berlin:

Hot Wine at a Christmas Market
Around 8pm we went back to the flat to go get ready to party. Klaudia had brought a memory stick with music thinking that I had my laptop with me, unfortunately I didn't so the first hour was a little sad without music...
Sad moment.
But then we figured out how to put it into the TV and although Klaudia's memory stick was somewhat bent, I managed somehow to get it in...
The effects of Music on our Generation.
So the preparations for that night began for real and the giggles increased with every minute. I have some Seriously funny videos of Sara and Klaudia so I think I'll make a video soon. I have some footage of all of my interrail trip so I might make two.

Hot dogs with Chicken Sausages and
Lucy's Special Ketchup Sauce
The Berliner Drink by Sara

Sara's invisible Beauty Spot.
Pretty dress, big shoes...
The problems of a traveler.

Around 00.30 we left the house and made our way to Alexanderplatz. I managed to persuade a taxi driver to take us for just 5 euros each (about 40 minutes drive through Berlin) - the first club we went to was closed (it was called Weekend so I guess that was why) but the taxi driver had warmed to us even more by then so he took us to another one for free, this one was called Matrix and was only 5 euros entry and pretty full. The music was good and we had a lot of fun.

Unfortunately I left my camera in the flat so I have no pictures from inside the club, but I can assure you there was a lot of dancing and laughing. We got home again around 6 am, a record for Sara and Klaudia. I think I see a pattern forming here...

The next morning (or later than same morning) we woke up at around 11 and cleaned up the flat. Had breakfast and then chatted for too long until we had to leave the flat in a rush. (A common problem between us 3, within the 2 days we'd managed to talk ourselves past one subway stop, and gone two bus stops further than we were meant to because we were chatting.)

We split ways at Berlin Hauptbahnhof and headed to two different Frankfurt's (work that one out.) and that was the end of the very very fun 'Kurwa's in Berlin 2012'. All I can say is "Gracias beaucoup für this" and I seriously hope to repeat this meeting!! I love Klaudia (Blonde Kurwa) and Sara (Ginger Kurwa) with all my heart. They are too sweet and far too funny for words.

Our note and present for the flat owner.

Next stop:
(Berlin to Frankfurt to Wiesbaden to) Schlangenbad.

Hope all is well with everybody else,
Love Lucy or English Kurwa.

p.s. for anyone using google translate to translate Kurwa, don't be offended or shocked, it's a joke.