Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Videos and Changes

So I finally managed to save/publish my Spanish movie footage, I've had to do it in four small parts so here they are:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
This is also my Youtube channel, so if you have an account, subscribe and you'll get updates on any video's I post automatically, without having to visit my blog first. :)

In other news, there has been another change of plans. Here comes another bit of Gap Year advice; be ready for change, don't get put off by declines and don't expect everything to happen the way you planned. Besides, if it did happen exactly as you'd planned, there'd be no adventure or excitement and basically there would be no point in taking a Gap Year!
Instead of moving to Amsterdam with my parents and then heading to Germany, I will be moving in with my best friend Abigail, in Bedford, until I go to International Camp in August. I may be visiting my parents at some point before then, but it would only be for a weekend. (I will keep you posted.)
My University stuff goes off into storage today, 4 boxes that I probably wont see again for an entire year... I wonder how much of the stuff I have kept, I will actually still want in a years time. Probably none of it.

The house at the moment is covered in boxes, but its about to get a whole lot worse, we are moving in less than a week now, so its crazy-hectic! Better go and sort my own stuff out then,

Laters! xoxo

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