Sunday, 19 August 2012

International Camp 2012


So I'm back from camp and back to civilization (serious case of the after-camp-blues already) but I'm living with Becky for 3 and a half days so it's not all bad!

For those of you who don't know, International Camp is a 2 week event each year taken place on Mersea Island where internationals between the age of 16 and 21 all come together plus a load of English/Irish team members to all get to know each other, have fun and eliminate stereotypes etc. of other countries! It was basically set up to make teenagers aware of other countries after the second world war and this year was its 65th birthday!

IC11, the Jelly Babies village!

It was my second year at camp, during my first year I was part of the Service Team (serving food, cleaning up etc.) and hadn't known a single soul before arriving on their doorstep - pretty scary, but amazingly rewarding! This year I was on the Media Team and so below are the three video's we made to show on 3 nights during the camp, our job was also to take hundreds of pictures for all the campers to then get on a CD in about a month's time!

International Camp includes a tonne of activities including:

Sporting Competitions such as: Frisbee, Volley Ball and a Swimming Gala
A village camp fire!
Climbing walls, zip wires and other height-activities
Themed parties
International Day
 International Day is one of my favorites as every country cooks something special/traditional and everyone gets to try a real assortment of foods for lunch (this is good for people who are picky as you get to try everything in small portions!) and then in the evening, each country puts on a show for everyone to watch!

Banana Boating and other water sports
Falling asleep in strange places due to exhaustion
And of course making amazing new friends!
Jordanna, Goshia, Klaudia and Jay
Anyway, here are the three video's that the media team (Mick, Jack, Robin, Racheal and myself) assembled :

Part One:

Part Two:

Final Overall Leaving Video:

Goodbye for now! Off to see my parents in Amsterdam from the 20th to the 28th, then in Brighton on the 29th, staying with Abigail until the 1st of September and then my Gap Year begins! Its finally here!

Myself on the beach, having a quiet moment

The adventure begins soon,
Laters, xxo

P.S. For those of you who haven't heard yet, I got my A Level results and I'm off to Chester University in September 2013 with AAB results!! Super Chuffed!

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