Monday, 17 June 2013

Magnetic Island

So, if you hadn't guessed by the photos, when I went to Magnetic Island, it was Ladies Night - which meant Ladies and Lady-boys got free drinks for 1 hour. I said to Jack (Ladyboy in the blue and white dress) that if he dressed as a woman, I'd dress as a guy, so I borrowed his football shirt and his friends hat. I also did Jack's make up and let Lewis borrow mine (he had done this so many times that he could do his own make up!)

I only had two nights on Magnetic Island, and apart from the Ladies Night above, I didn't really do much apart from recover from the Whitsundays and chill by the Hostel Pool, (I stayed at X-Base and it was awesome! Although the kitchen wasn't very well equipped.) However, from what I did see of Magnetic Island, it was a really pretty place. Apparently there is also a Koala Sanctuary which has the cheapest offer for getting your "Cuddle a Koala" photo, so if you are ever in the area, I recommend that you take a look at this island.

On my third day there, it was check out time and I was off across the water on the ferry, and right back into a Greyhound bus. My last Greyhound bus in Australia! Crazy. I still can't believe that I am already at the end of my Australian trip. I don't want to leave!! But neither do I want to miss out on the USA or on University, so I guess I just have to accept that this great experience is coming to an end...

Next up are my last 3 weeks in Australia; which I spent in Cairns meeting up with my long term friend Nathalie Suski and celebrating my 19th birthday (how has it been a year already?).

Lots of love,
Lucy xxo

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