Monday, 19 August 2013

Santa Rosa

I arrive in Santa Rosa at 11 am to find that there was nowhere to store my massive backpack, so instead of having a look around town, like I'd imagined, I spend the day watching movies at the cinema with my backpack in the seat next to me.

I watched Despicable Me 2 and then Monsters University after a quick lunch break at Burger King. It is a really weird experience to go to the cinema on your own. I kinda felt like a rebel and a weirdo at the same time!

After Monsters University (both films were absolutely great by the way) I got back on the bus and took it 5 minutes down the road to Fast food chain restaurant Denny's to met up with my next workaway hosts.

Brandon arrived to pick me up at around 7pm and we drove for about an hour before reaching Flying Horses Farm, but not before stopping off to get supreme style pizzas for dinner - yum!

Talk to you soon,
Lucy xxo

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