Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mill Valley & San Francisco II

After the Tahoe Trip I stayed at Rachel's for one last night, she was going off to College and needed some time with her parents. We said goodbye to Rachel half way through my week - a very emotional experience..

After Rachel's I stayed with Iman for the weekend, we mainly just watched movies and went to different places to eat. Had some seriously good lunches that week!

The true american movie experience: popcorn, ice cream, candy and coke! ;)
Iman's room, in the trees

Then for the week, I moved again, to stay with Sean, his mum and their cute dog Bella. I met Sean earlier at one of the Cafe's me and Iman went to for lunch, they went to school together and he was supposed to come to Tahoe but he had to work.

Sean took me to San Francisco to go thrift shopping in one of the most famous areas; Haight and Ashbury. We had a lot of luck that day, including beautiful weather and a great parking spot!

After Haight and Ashbury, we drove around San Francisco for awhile and I realised that some of the buildings really remind me of Amsterdam, just on large streets instead of along canals.

We also went to Pier 39 and saw the Sea Lions that Danny had told me about at the Flying Horse Farm.

And then I was off to Los Angeles. Sean took me to my bus stop, but as we got there, we realised that we were in the wrong place so with 5 minutes to spare we chased down the bus, literally drove up to the window at a red light, honked the horn. It pulled over, I grabbed my stuff and ran to get on... closest call ever! And I forgot to take the food that Sean's mum gave me for the bus journey which was just super annoying and sad! Haha but I made it...

So next up, Los Angeles!
Lucy xxo

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