Thursday, 27 November 2014


I went to Slovenia for about a week in the Summer of 2014.

We stayed in a town that was an hours train ride away from Bled.

Lake Bled
We visited Lake Bled and the surrounding town as a day trip.

We also walked all the way to Soteska Vintgar.

The walk there reminded me a lot of where I come from in Germany.

Soteska Vintgar

 These views made the walk through the Vintgar my favourite part of the trip.

For the last two days of the trip, we went to Ljubljana.

Unfortunately, the weather here was much less appealing, but even in the rain, Ljubljana has its charms. We wandered around the city, getting lost and eating local food.

I would recommend going to Slovenia to anyone who gets the chance. Before going, it was never a place that I had previously considered but now that I have seen it, I would love to see it again!

I hope you like my pictures, none of them are edited and the water really is that colour!

Thank you,

Lucy xxo

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