Monday, 1 June 2015

Individual Applications

If you're new, please read this post first: Initial Steps to Studying Abroad and/or watch this video: How to Study Abroad: Introduction and Options

If you are looking for an overall explanation and list of deadlines to meet, please read: The Overall Application Process. The following blog posts on the other hand, will be looking at the actual applications that you must submit. To study abroad, you must complete the University of Chester Application first, this is so that the Study Abroad Office can assess if you are an appropriate candidate to be sending abroad as a representative of the university itself. Once you have been accepted onto this, you will then have to complete (or copy and paste into it) a host-specific application. This will be one of two options; an ISEP Application or a Bilateral Application. Follow the links below to help you find which one is relevant to you:

University of Chester Application

Bilateral Application

Jumping over ALL of the hurdles.

I thought it might be most convenient to you all, if you only had to read the posts relevant to yourself.

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The next post in the series: Acceptance of Host Institutions

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