Tuesday, 19 June 2012


My name is Lucy Cunnington and I'm 18 years old. I have just finished my A Levels and am now about to take a Gap Year before going off to University to study Events Management (hopefully).

This blog is for my family and friends who want to keep track of me and see what I am up to while I travel during my Gap Year. I will hopefully have Internet access at least a few times in each country that I visit, and therefore will be updating this blog as I go along. I'm intending to make video's as well as blogging, and will probably be uploading those to youtube.com as its faster there. My Youtube account name is Lucieee94 but I will be adding links to each video that I post.

This blog is also for people intending to go on a Gap Year themselves, or just like travelling, I will be posting useful tips and what's in my own luggage etc. as well as what websites/companies etc. I used to set this whole experience up.

Quick thank you to McloJo for the name Lucy's Locations and to my dad, Martin Cunnington for various names coming up later. Thank you to both my parents, especially my mum, Monika Cunnington, for being my much needed researcher, enabling me to actually take this Gap Year and to Peter Rollmann for getting me a 3 month job in Germany.

I am going to Spain, Madrid tomorrow (20/06/12), its the 'first step' on my Gap Year, although its only for a week and I will be coming back to England afterwards. I am obviously taking a camera, so I'm going to use it as an opportunity to test my equipment and editing skills etc. to see if its all up to the job of keeping track of my Gap Year.

Wish me luck, will post the outcome asap!



  1. Hi Lucy,

    Good luck in Spain looking forward to lots of pickies xxx