Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Germany (12-10-12 - 26-10-12)

Ich schreibe jetzt in Deutsch, wer versteht mich?

I've been in Germany for almost two weeks now so I am solidly thinking in German and have to slowly switch that back into English thinking so that I can type this... I've read that sentence 5 times trying to remember how to speak English... Being bilingual is sometimes strange haha!

I even dream in German at the moment! Anyway, what have I been up to?

I am currently working in a Kindergarten...

I get up at 6.30am, leave the house when it's still pitch black... get the bus at 7.47am and arrive at around 8am to start my day. At the moment its the school holidays so many of the kids aren't there as they have older siblings and so families are all on holiday. This makes starting out as new actually quiet comfortable (apart from the waking up...but I'm managing.) we have on average 10 children each day from the age of 3 to 6. (After the holidays it will be up to 25).

I've actually managed to remember most of their names, the difficulty that I am having at the moment is saying the right name for the right kid... there are a lot of names beginning with J's - Joshka, Justus and a couple that end it o's - Antonio, Emilio, there are also two Milla's, so it can get confusing especially when you're trying to sound angry because they've done something wrong that actually you think is super cute.. Haha!

Apart from that, I've had to buy a couple more jumpers and needed to borrow a coat and rain-proof trousers or 'matschhosen' (slush pants) as the kids call them. Every morning we are outside until 11.30am and eat breakfast in the grass; come rain, snow or sunshine! Sometimes German people are just extreme ;-) haha

This week it's just Maria (my 19 year old cousin) and me in the house as my aunt and uncle have gone on holiday so Maria is attempting to make a tasty schweinelende/porc loin ... there's some extremely amusing sounds coming out of the kitchen right now ;) haha but her boyfriend is coming over soon and he trained as a Cheif once so we should be saved :-D

"Oh ich hab keine lust mehr, ach Lucy das ist alles deine schult!" - Maria Rollmann, 23/10/12

(Ooh, I just got to try some and it actually tastes pretty damn good! )

Apart from that I'm going to England this weekend until the morning of Halloween... I have a Camp America interview on the Monday which is scary and the rest of the time is dedicated to socialization! The French from International Camp are coming and we are all staying in Lee's flat (my leader from this years camp), some of the Irish are coming and so are some of the English IC comers... so over all it should be a lovely, epic, squished-in-one-flat international experience : D

I think I'll pack tonight!

The only other thing is that I'm annoyed with the Amsterdam to Schlangenbad post service as my parents sent me a package of things I'd forgotten plus the next two books after Games of Thrones (I'm a massive fan) on the 17th and it's still not here :( I want to read! Haha

Next update will probably be about London,

Danke, und tschüss!

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