Saturday, 27 October 2012

Snowy Mornings

I woke up this morning to white snow outside my window, quiet cute but pretty inconvenient as I have to get to Frankfurt Hahn today and it's a little early for it to snow so most people aren't prepared for it with winter-tires etc.

But it's 14.40 now and it already looks a little bit melted so hopefully we'll be okay! Marlene is driving me but in my granddads car because hers is a little unpredictable, especially now with the added snow!

Anyway, super looking forward to my weekend! JUST managed to pack everything (had to leave a pair of heels behind though :( also decided not to take my big coat... so hopefully it wont snow in London now haha
I've heard it's snowing in Stevenage, very strange, what is the world coming to? October snow in England? Even for Germany that's early!

I have my Camp America interview on the Monday, for any one whose interested here's the link again:

According to several emails, my interview should be between 50 and 90 minutes long, I need 2 original references from the last 12 months, my passport and two other means of identification (in my case Student ID and Driving Licence) - these are for the Police Check as Camp America involves working with underage children. The police check for UK participants is applied for during the interview so its not too difficult, other countries have to do it themselves...

I come back on the Halloween morning and have no plan yet on what to wear, so my costume may be pretty  make-shift but I have Thursday off so I'm pretty sure Maria and me will head out :)

I return to work on Friday, then have the weekend where I might be going to Berlin with Marlene and meeting Klaudia and Sara from Poland - if it all works out! Which would just be epic, as it was all pretty spontaneous and a coincidence that I mentioned it to the Polish girls who then decided they could theoretically make it, so they said they'd try their hardest!

Wish me luck for my interview please,
A lot depends on it!


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