Friday, 10 May 2013

Byron Bay

I was in Byron Bay for a week and I loved it. Byron is generally a very relaxed place with a bit of a hippy vibe. It's a great place to meet people and surf. It's also really pretty as you can see from the pictures.

Look Right

Look Left
Since the internet is real slow here and I have limited time because I am in the Library so I'll just give a quick account of what kind of things I did while in Byron.

I came across a path leading into the trees and went down it
until I got scared because this is Australia and I was on my own.
I did see a wild Turkey though!
I did my first load of washing since coming to Australia and hung it up among palm trees.

I watched a little group of sarong-dressed people with drums walk through the town center and onto the beach.

I met Nadia and Brittany (both from Canada) and Adam (from Australia)
during a cinema trip to see Iron Man 3.

I went surfing with Estelle from Ireland and Elliott from Australia.
The next day I went to the beach again with Brittany, Nadia, Elliott and Estelle.
And we got incredibly close to some Seagulls

And Elliott managed to train them

Even to eat out of his closed hand...
On Saturday we did the trip to Nimbin

Brittany, Nadia, myself and Estelle
The Tour Bus
Saturday for me was one of the best days so far in Australia, mainly thanks to these 3 girls!

In Nimbin, there were several events occuring, including a campervan parade, a dance to
The Age of Aquarious infront of a police car and a competition to see who
could fill a bag with herbs and be the closest to weighing an ounce.

The bus was supposed to take us back at 5pm but Nadia, Brittany and I risked it and stayed longer,
Estelle went back because she was leaving the next day.
We saw this little boy be absolutely amazing at those battons with flames on the end, he can't have been older than 6.
In the end, we managed to get the 8pm bus back even though they originally said it was full.
A perfect end to a perfect day.
I went surfing one last time with my two roommates Patric and Kyle
Also both from Canada.
On my last day in Byron, Elliott drove Brittany, Nadia and I to the light house.
And we walked to the most Easternly point of Australia.
That night we went out for the last time together and the next day I got on my second Greyhound bus.
After Byron Bay, I went to Surfers Paradise for 2 nights and now I am in Mooloolaba for 2 nights as well. (Including a trip to the Australian Zoo) Hopefully I will be able to update my blog again soon and tell you what that was like but it seems that none of the hostels I am staying at have free wifi. (I walked one hour today to get to the library). I also managed to step on my tablet and crack up the screen on the left hand side so now only half of the screen works which sucks, but at least it still works!

Till next time,
Lucy xxo

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