Monday, 20 May 2013

Surfers Paradise

I stayed in my first ever Party Hostel in Surfers Paradise, I was in a dorm with 16 beds. As soon as I arrived, the people started talking to me and I felt comfortable with my room mates straight away. The plan was to do the Backpackers Big Night Out ( which runs every Wednesday and Saturday.
A music video being shot in the town
First I headed to the shops to get a pair of cheap flip flops as I had lost mine in Byron Bay. I also needed a pair of nicer shoes to go out in since otherwise I'd only have flip flops or hiking boots. I stumbled across a sale and managed to get a pair of black heel wedges for just $15. I also got a pair of brown flip flops for $2. So I headed back to the hostel pretty happy, and ready for the night to begin.

The view from my hostel window
We all had 2 hot dogs (2 sausages, 2 slices of bread, ketchup and a bit of onion) for free before the coach came and took us to our venues. (Which were actually a 5 minute walk away for us, since our hostel was so central. However, we got on and then it went to another hostel, before taking us to the first venue - why they did it this way around I don't know!) Overall the venues were pretty good, some of them reminded me a bit of Amsterdam as all the waitresses, bar-women etc. were dressed in corsets or underwear.

Sunset from the hostel
The next day I went shopping with Justice (19 from Canada, with a twin sister called Liberty) who needed a pair of "pants" or jeans for us British people. We ended up in a shopping mall with a Target and got a good pair for $15. We also had a quick arcade session including that machine where you have to dance... I was so terrible at it, it was hilarious.

That night, after dinner, I decided because my bus was really early in the morning (leaving at 8.25 am) that I wouldn't go out, so I packed my stuff and climbed into bed, but Justice and Marco (24 and from Germany) weren't having any of that and in the end, Marco LITERALLY grabbed my ankles and dragged me from my bed and into the bathroom, while Justice grabbed my towel and threw it in after me. That was definitively one of the funniest evenings I've had in a long time.
Marco and me
Justice and me
Some members of my dorm room and some new friends too
Left is the part-owner of the hostel
The barwoman and barman
The next morning, Friday 10th May, I got up at 7 am after lying in bed for 1 hour complaining and then rushed to get to my bus for 8 am. On the bus from Surfers Paradise to Mooloolaba, I realised that I hadn't actually seen much of Surfers Paradise - I mean I hadn't even been to the beach there, but I had a real good time, made some great friends and to be honest, I've seen a hell of a lot of beaches in the past 2 weeks!

Lucy xxo

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