Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Plans for Lucy's Locations

I've decided not to give up this blog, just as I have decided not to give up traveling! I will be studying Events Management at the University of Chester for the next 4 years but I have several holidays in between terms and I am intending to take a year abroad for my 3rd year and study somewhere cool, so although I am no longer on my Gap Year, my adventure continues!

Due to my degree, my posts wont be very regular anymore, however they will pick up again when I have a trip to talk about, or am planning something like my study year abroad!

Travel plans that I already have:

A weekend in York with Rachael Mole
A possible weekend in London with Klaudia and Lee and whoever else turns up from International Camp

Christmas plans:

Bedfordshire to see Abigail and co'
Welwyn Garden City to see Hedvika and co'
Sandhurst to see Jean/Nana with dad
Mudeford to see Ali, Spike and Ellie with dad

Christmas in Amsterdam with mum, dad and Oli
Hopefully meeting up with Steph Van Balsfoort in Amsterdam

New Years Eve in Carlow with Colm, Glenn, Niall, Conor and anyone else there
(I'm hoping this eventually turns into a tradition as we were there last year too, but the German girls can't make it this year -sad face- )

Long term plans:

This Easter , I will be doing Hitch 2014 to Morocco with my team member Will Duckworth, or Ducky. We are doing this to raise money for a charity called 'Link: Community Development' who improve education in Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, South Africa and Uganda. We have already started fundraising, so please donate generously and help us to beat our target of £600. For more information, and to donate, please follow this link: www.virginmoneygiving.com/team/lucyandducky

Summer 2014, I have a few plans that are slowly coming together but I'll talk about those on a later date!

My next ambition, is to study abroad for a year. I have already started to research this, even though I am intending to go in my 3rd year (September 2015 to Summer 2016). I will probably make a separate blog post about how this is organised and about where I intend to go.

For now, that is all,

Lucy from the World xxo

Please donate!

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