Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Returning Home

At the airport
Coming home wasn't as surreal as I thought it might be. I think I was ready to return and this made it a lot easier to settle in. Abigail and my parents met me at the airport with this lovely sign in the photo above. I think I'll be keeping it forever and ever ;)

Nathalie and a few of her friends were doing a trip through Holland so we met up with them for one evening. It was great to see her again and for my two longest friends to finally meet.

Abigail and I finally agreed on a tattoo to get together. We had originally planned to get it together in L.A. but in the end I think Amsterdam was the best place for it. Getting a tattoo is very weird. Abigail doesn't seem fazed by it but for me it was crazy. It didn't hurt as much as I expected, people have said to me before that it feels like scratching sunburn, but to me it just feels like a needle scraping your skin... which I guess is exactly what it is, haha. Anyway, I sometimes forget I have it and get little shocks of "oh yeah" when looking at photos or in the mirror. I know I've always said that I only want one tattoo but I didn't think I'd get one with Abigail back then, so I still want something on my ankle, but if I do, it will take me a lot longer to decide what it is, as it will most likely be my last tattoo.

Before I knew it, Abigail was gone again and I had a few weeks to relax and recover - I had found that since returning I was very weak and exhausted all the time. My mothers theory is that my excitement was over and so my body was finally relaxing and allowing itself to be exhausted... I think I agree. Through my travels, I have gotten ill but it was in Germany and in Italy where I had a consistent 'home'. For the last 4 months in Australia and the USA I was moving a lot, not knowing where my next stop would be, so my body wasn't allowed to relax into a routine. I think that's probably the main reason I didn't get ill until I got home.
(Apparently the body has the same reaction when you put on an event: you work a crazy amount leading up to the event, work even harder during the event and then crash when it's over and become ill for several days/weeks.)

Suddenly I was packed and ready to leave again and finally go to University. It was time to say goodbye to my father again, time to say goodbye to my double bed and my beautiful bedroom view and start a new adventure. My mother has said several times that moving to University felt more final than my Gap Year did. Again, I have to agree, (whoever said "mothers know best" really knew their stuff haha) it's probably because I am moving to a house, a place I will live in for a year, a place that I will eventually call my home. On top of this, I will have 3-4 years in one place. University of Chester - here I come!

My father has asked me "what are you going to do with your blog now?" and I evaded his question a little. I wasn't really sure for awhile what I would do - should I change it to a University blog? Just stop writing? It didn't seem right... I have a half-plan now, and I guess you'll just have to wait and see what it is ;)

On that note, I dedicate this blog post to all those of you who have stuck with me throughout my travels and read my blog. This post is for those of you who made 7,375 views possible. Thank you for the support, thank you for asking me questions over facebook, thank you for sticking by me, thank you thank you thank you. But most importantly; thank you for accompanied me on my dream come true.

Well then, until next time ;)
Lucy xxo

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