Sunday, 12 February 2017

Advice Video: Tips for Gap Years and Studying Abroad

Dearest of readers,

I know I have been very quiet on this platform in the past 2 years, but Lucy's Locations is not dead, and I will return to it as soon as I can, but I have a degree to finish and a life to sort out first.

Sneak Peak: I spent Christmas and New Years in Australia and am hoping to go back and do the Working Holiday Visa (1 year) there, starting July 2017.

For now, though:
I spoke at an event for 16-18-year-olds in late 2016 (about my advice and experiences of traveling).

For specific topics go to:

0:22 - Gap Year
6:15 - Costs of Gap Year
8:18 - Study Abroad
11:46 - How to save enough money
15:29 - Costs to Consider (and how to keep them down)
20:20 - Working for food and accommodation
23:18 - (how to get/find work abroad)
27:23 - Long term benefits of traveling
38:26 - Questions + Answers

And then...

43:50 - Watch me awkwardly stare at a teacher who goes on a rant...
45:20 - Watch me try and fail to get a word in edgeways
45:47 - Watch me try and fail to escape and then forget which school I used to go to :D


Lucy xxo

Wollongong, Australia, January 2017

P.s. thank you to Aspire International for contacting me to speak at your event! 

For enquiries, my email is:

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