Thursday, 24 May 2018

Much Ablog about Nothing

One of the main reasons why I haven't blogged properly since 2013 is because I have felt like I haven't got an angle. In today's age of internet sensations, Instagram, Snapchat, and blogs about absolutely anything, it's naive not to think that anything I have to say, hasn't already been written 100 times already. Not to mention, who cares what I think? What qualifications do I have to be 'informing' others? Having been to university now, my brain automatically looks for the reliability of a source... and my experiences are NOT going to be sound proof of anything. Most of the time, I only go to places once, so who am I to write about what to do there? Or give anyone any advice on the matter? Any angle I think I might have has absolutely no standing as soon as you do a bit more research. I am not a Lonely Planet Explorer or anything even close. 

18-year-old Lucy doesn't care what her angle is.
(Turkey, Autumn 2012)
When you've met as many people as I have over the years, you realize just how little you've actually traveled, seen, done, experienced or learned. Just today I was talking to a guy from the Blue Mountains who told me he'd been briefly kidnapped in Yemen, almost shot at in Vietnam and cycled over 1,000km in Australia. Now why on earth do I have a blog, and he doesn't? 

Over the years, I have contemplated other means in which to find my angle,  maybe I could share more photographs of all my travels via Instagram or keep a youtube vlog ... both of which I have dabbled in alongside this blog (as you can see via the links).

But again... how can I possibly compete against the absolutely breathtaking photographs Oliver Wheeldon takes (an awesome guy I met while at Northern Arizona University (NAU) whose photographs have been featured by Visit London and UNILAD Adventure, not to mention he's worked with Fujifilm, has an Instagram following of 12.7k and a youtube channel with over 1,700 subscribers) or the flawless youtube videos Living Like a Free Bird, a.k.a. Letti, creates (also an NAU student from my second semester there). Letti has recently started her own blog, which is already way more stunning than this one has ever been. Plus her Instagram with over 1,000 followers is amazing too! She takes amazing aerial shots - you should check them out. 

So yes, one quick look at either of their statistics and I instantly pale dramatically in comparison. 

Oliver and I, with swapped glasses (NAU, 2015)
See.. even here he rocks the look far better than me! *rolls eyes*
However, after a WhatsApp call from my friend Lauren yesterday, I am feeling motivated. She reminded me that no two people can experience the same thing in the same way. I say reminded because funnily enough, that's what lectures say to you when you're trying to figure out what to write about in your Dissertation (or thesis for some of you)... even if your question is the same as somebody else's, your findings and your analysis will always be different and unique

I am, therefore, sitting here and writing this, with the full intention of updating my blog with everything I have done in life so far, hoping that you'll enjoy it, learn from it, and maybe even get inspired.

...And in your enjoyment, I will find my angle.

So come Follow Me as I reminisce and shed wisdom on my many adventures
(Arizona, summer 2016)
In the 6 years that I have had this blog now (Holy $^%&, six years?!) my favorite moments have always been those where people tell me that they've read something of mine and decided to do something themselves.

Before we started dating, an ex-boyfriend of mine told me that he was going to Australia because I'd made it seem possible. My previously-mentioned-friend Lauren even told me that she has her computer set up to send her notifications if I ever post anything (hey girl) ... well if that isn't enough motivation to write more then I don't know what is!!

Lauren, I love you.
(Chester, winter 2016)
In 2015, I blogged a fair bit more than the other years because I felt like I had a purpose. My "University work experience" consisted of writing blog posts on the process of applying for a Study Abroad Programme. I loved it! I was supposed to continue blogging once I got to the USA but I got all-too distracted having the best year of my life and forgot all about it ...until it felt too late to write about it anymore. I'd lost my angle again and I didn't know what to write anymore.

...But actually, if you take away my generation's obsession with the fleeting Now-ness of it all, my experiences are still relevant to those going through it, and they're still good stories to tell, even 2 years on.

Does anyone other than me and Raquel still write letters to each other?
(Catalonia, Summer 2017)
In conclusion (Oh drats, I was at university for far too long) while there will always be someone out there who has done more than you, takes better photographs than you, makes better videos, writes blog posts on time etc. etc. etc. I fully believe it is still important to express yourself and do things because you love to, not because you're trying to be better than everyone else!  

That's all for now, but I'll see you soon, I promise.

Love, Lucy xxo

Where I currently am - in the middle of nowhere!
(Broken Hill, Autumn 2018)

P.s. If you want to have a look at what I've previously written, click here for a good place to start! Also, if you want me to write about anything specific, or have any questions, email me at

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