Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Camp America Fail

San Francisco, California, USA

As some of you probably know, I've been trying to apply to Camp America for quiet some time now. I'd made my first payment, gotten past the interview and even payed for my CRB check and answered the new 'Campower' questions...

Camp America allows you to pick to work either as a Councillor or as a Campower member. The Councillors work directly with the children throughout their Camp America experience while the Campower work behind the scenes; cleaning, cooking etc.

I'd applied to be a Campower member, you and your interviewer decide this during the interview and when you get back from the interview there are new questions for you to answer linked more directly with either Councillor positions or Campower positions.

Unfortunately, yesterday I found out that you can only be a Campower member if you are a full time student, so even though I have a place at Chester University from September 2013 and even have a student card from them, I do not apply for the Campower visa. (sad face)

Since I really don't want to be a Councillor (personally I think I've worked enough with children for someone who doesn't even want to work with them in their future career) they've kindly deleted my account and I will have a full refund within 5 to 10 workings days.

So yes, just a warning to anyone ever wishing to apply, if you want to work in Campower, you need to be a student first. As far as being a Councillor, there is no such requirement that I know of.

Man am I glad I didn't fly to England ONLY for my Camp America interview! Anyway, now I have the whole summer free again and might possibly go to International Camp 2013 and/or Poland and/or maybe I'll find something new to do in America. I still want to visit, that's for sure!

As always, I'll keep you updated.

As for what's occurring here in Germany, I've spend the last two days in bed as I almost fainted in the woods on Tuesday morning (we go to explore the woods with the Kindergarten children every so often) and so am currently recovering under a blanket with a cat-shaped hot water bottle lying on me. ;)

I had lunch today with my Grandparents and applied to possibly go to Morocco in December/January... we shall see what comes of that! If it does go forward I guess I'll have to explore Germany another time and I wont be able to attend the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award Ceremony on January 15th or visit Becky and Abigail afterwards but this is Morocco we are speaking about! :-D Besides, I can always visit them when I get back.

So yes, it's been pretty up and down here in Germany, I don't particularly enjoy my job here, in fact I've gotten quiet depressed about it several times but maybe with something like Morocco to look forward to, it'll get better. I'm not sure. Either that, or I'll leave even earlier than November 30th and re-inspire myself in Amsterdam and dedicate a whole week to planning what comes next! Since I'm pretty much back to square one now that I have no fixed plans ahead!

So my advice to you if you are travelling yourself, make sure you ask enough questions about what you will be doing in each place to visit so that you don't get disappointed or trapped in something you quiet hate. Plan, ask questions and most of all, ask yourself, would you REALLY be happy doing that for so long? Or are you just being optimistic?

Chin up,

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