Monday, 26 November 2012

A side trip to Hannover and Cologne

I got back yesterday and have spent today making a new video which updates you pretty much from the last video in Perpignan.

There's a lot of food, partying and not a lot of sleep so be warned!

Anyway, a written update:

Hannover, Germany.

We went shopping and spent way too much money in Primark. We saw a few historical buildings of Hannover, some places where Jacque had once worked. We watched Wanderlust (loved it!), we cooked Snitzel and kartoffelbrei with Cleo, Jacque's friend. We returned to Primark so Jacque could buy her New Years Eve dress and then went Ice Skating! Then after spending several hours girling-it up with make-overs and junk-food, we went to sleep and the next day I took the train to meet Anna in Cologne. I had a wonderful time and it was great to see Jacque after almost a year but feel as if we'd never left each others sides!

Cologne, Germany.

The first evening we reminisced about International Camp 2011 and 2012 but Anna had school the next morning so I slept in until Kadn and her returned to wake me up, Anna went back to school and Kadn and I went to town to find Kadn a birthday party outfit.
After school, Anna, Jenny and I went to get coffee before heading to Kadn's 18th birthday party. I had a Snickers Latte with less coffee then normal and loved it.

Kadn's party went on until about 6 am and then we slept over at hers. The next day Anna and I cuddled up in bed after long hot showers and drank organic tea and watched Türkisch für Anfänger (Also loved it!) until Susie (IC12) and Sophia (IC11) came over and then we went to get another coffee but in a different place. I had a Mandle latte. Not as good as the Snickers but still yum.

After the coffee, Anna, Susie and Sophia went back to Anna's and I stayed to meet Kadn and Vicky to go to a club. (Kadn's first club since turning 18). We got there at around 11 pm but it didn't really get started until 1 am so we danced away to Dubstep until around 5.30am before heading home. I managed to find Anna's house again in the very early morning light but unfortunately the front door key didn't work so I had to call her to let me in, woops. She went back to bed and I snuck in to sleep next to Susie.

Sophia and Susie

On my last day there, Anna's singing teacher came over for a big three-course meal and we ate ourselves well and truly fat. Starter was a creamy soup followed by some salad and then Rouladen with duplings and the sweetest juiciest Rotkohl that I've ever tasted. There was also Spinach Lasagna to have but I was already too full to try it :(
Lastly, we had a super sweet orange cake which surprised me because I don't usually like fruit cakes, but it was lush.

Then before we knew it Anna and I had to go to the train station and I was back on the train from Cologne to Amsterdam. Time to say goodbye yet again...

The train was a little delayed but I got back in good time to meet my mother, come home to a shoe filled with presents and read the last chapter of my book. (A song of Ice and Fire, book 3, part 1). Then I filled my parent's their shoes and went to sleep.

Today I've spent organising some more of my interrail trip and I've now even got a plan for New Years and the first half of January. After Christmas, I'm going to fly to Dublin to stay in Carlow with Anna, Kadn and Tess at Colm's house for New Years and then I'm flying to England to see Abigail, Hedvika, my Nan, to go to the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Ceremony at the Palace in London with my dad and then to visit Becky at UEA before flying back to Amsterdam.
Then I have about two weeks of sorting out University things and planning my trip to the USA before I'm spending Carnival in Cologne with Anna again (planning to dress as Daenerys Targaryen).

After that, I'm not sure what's going to happen but I'm hopefully going to spend April and May in Italy.

That's all for now,
Lucy xxo

P.S. I'm no longer going to Morocco as they changed a lot of their details and just made it awkward for me so I'm going toIreland and England instead : D

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