Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Chinese Dinner

For all my food loving readers out there, I thought I'd share another place you might not know about in Amsterdam. Tonight my parents and I went out for Chinese dinner. Although it wasn't actually what I was thinking of when thinking "I fancy Chinese" - it was very tasty. We went to a place called "Uncle Wong" on 'Albert Cuypstraat' (

Martin Cunnington, my father.

Dad's choice: mixed meat.

Mum's choice: Kon Po Chicken with Cashew nuts 

Shared choice: Temple Vegetarian Dish

My choice: Crispy Pork
Each one of these dishes, except the vegetables which was actually a "half portion" came with a bowl of either steamed rich, stir fried rice or noodles. There was also an assortment of strange ice creams for pudding, but we were too full to try any.

I'm packing now so see you in Italy,

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