Saturday, 16 February 2013

Pisa, Italy

I arrived at Pisa Airport at 2pm ish. There were some seriously good views from the plane, having a window seat and all, we flew over Germany in the clouds, then Switzerland and the Alps, which we could actually see and then over Italy, we actually sort of went in a semi circle over the sea to get to Pisa, so there was a really sweet view of boats on turquoise water, with the Italian Coast up ahead.

I got off the plane and had to smile immediately because it was so much warmer than when I got on the plane in Amsterdam, it wasn't hot or anything but walking through town to my hostel with my backpack and suitcase meant that I could walk around in a strap top and be fine. THIS is the kind of winter I want!

My hostel was pretty nice, I had a 4 bed girls dorm, with one girl already in there, she was half Spanish and half French but lived in the South of Italy as far as I could tell, her English Accent was a little strange so I didn't quiet understand all of it! Two Italian girls joined us later around 11 pm but they went straight to sleep so we didn't talk much.

Once I'd checked in, sorted my stuff out and had a little breather, I decided to head into town and explore. Pisa is really small, especially for such a famous place, you can walk from the Airport to the Leaning Tower of Pisa in about 40 minutes, my hostel was half way between (

So I had a ponder in the local super market, saw some ruined castles, some old buildings, went to take a long look at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, got a rubbish tourist shot and then went and got Pizza in a restaurant. The tomato sauce and the pastry of the pizza were a lot better than your standard English Restaurant Pizza, but the toppings were nothing new.

I went back to the hostel, watched a film (My Week with Marilyn; I really liked it, scarred me a little though, as I relate a little too much to Marilyn in some aspects) and then fell asleep. Check out was at 10 am, so I put my suitcase in their luggage room and then set up my computer in the common room. I have 3 old blisters from Carnival and one big new one from walking around in Pisa so I thought I'd give my feet a rest and just chill until my train later today (15.10, Pisa to Follonica where my hosts are picking me up). It's sunny again today, which is nice for when I go and get some lunch later on. Until then I thought I'd update my blog and make a new Youtube video about Carnival 2013.


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