Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Italian Stallion

This is my 5th day here in Punta Ala, and so I've already gotten most of the names of the horses and ponies down. I think I know the routine of this place now, at least the basics, so I'm getting to grips with things.

This is my bedroom
The corridor to the kitchen and bathroom
The cabin where Cristina, David, Antonio and I live
The stables where the horses sleep
There are 15 horses and ponies, Voltan who is Christina's (my boss) own horse, Fifi, Apollo, Pink, Victorian, Penny, Honey (who is actually a male), Penny and her mother, one the same colour as Honey but female and with a hurt leg so she's always in the stables at the moment, then there are 2 horses and 2 shetland ponies who nobody knows their names. Lou the other pony who is allergic to a lot of things.

The one with the bad leg




Penny's mum



Horses are rather curious.
Honey, Penny, Victorian and Pink
Then of course there are the other animals. The two male kittens Orazio and Alpha (Apha was the bigger one at birth but now he's actually smaller and the less adventurous one) and the big German Shepard (whose still pretty young) Beppe.



Alpha chased up a tree by Beppe

Alpha and Orazio in my bed curled up next to me
My day starts at 7.30 am when my alarm goes off but I don't need to get up until 8 am, so I lie there for a bit to wake up. 8.30 am and I start cleaning the horses, filling up their water bowls and if Jessica is there we take it in turn to 'Work' them. This entails making them run around in a big circle around you, first one way then the other. I got quiet dizzy the first time as you have to turn with them, haha

Where I clean the horses
If I finish early I have a break, (like the one I am having right now), if I don't we all break for lunch at around 1 am. David, 24, another English Workawayer whose been here since November and is staying until the summer, cooks as he has done a Chef course and has worked in 5* restaurants in London. Needless to say I am being VERY well fed here. Though I doubt I need to worry about weight as all my work entails exercise and being outdoors all day long, every day.

The weather here
After lunch, nobody really does anything major until the horses have to come back in. 4.30 pm on a bad weather day, 5 to 6 pm when it's sunny. This is the point where I have to scoop a lot of poo... isn't actually all that bad, I think I'm going to have Hench arms when I'm done here! We take the horses into their separate stables and then head inside ourselves. Dinner isn't usually until 8.30 pm so you have some free time again. It's pretty relaxed really, but I still feel like I am helping out.

Probably one of the reasons I haven't really explored the town much yet!
Christina is putting on a few future events (one of which I am here for, the Endurance Race on the 3rd of March) with the nearby Golf Club, Sailing Club, and her Polo Field so she needs to come up with a logo for the three.. I had a doodle around and came up with this, what do you think?

Anyway, I better get back for lunch, byeee

Lucy xxo


  1. Ha ha! "Italian Stallion" - best blog post title yet : -) Re: logo - I suggest you lower the boat/water level within the horse shoe and add a horse's head above it. This will make the horse-element more central to the logo and the golf & sailing aspects more peripheral. Just a thought. Best, etc.

  2. Good idea Dad :) unfortunately a different logo has already been passed now.