Monday, 3 December 2012

Interrail - Perpignan

Perpignan was the first stop on my interrail adventure.
I left Amsterdam Centraal at 8.16 am and got to Paris Nord 25 minutes later than planned at 12.00.

I then had to get across Paris from Paris Nord to Paris Gare de Lyon, you do this by getting the Metro which is easily found by the sign posts but if you're ever doing this, don't get lurred into the Tourist trap of queueing for half an hour at the what seems like the only two available ticket machines, go futher down and there's about 10 in a row which only the locals are using. (No matter where in Paris you are going, one Metro ticket costs €1.70 but I think you can use it on more than one line, up to a certain amount of time)

Strangely, when I looked up at the departure train times, there were two trains leaving at the same time one to Montpellier and the other to Figueres in Spain, but when the platform was announced they were both on the same one and it turned out to be one train. Either way it stopped at Perpignan so it doesn't really matter but look out for a similar case if you're ever travelling by train.

Paris Gare de Lyon to Perpignan arrived on time at 19.11, having left at 14.07. So overall it took me about 11 hours to get from Amsterdam to Paris, 9 hours of train time. Pretty boring but luckily some stretches of the journey where very pretty while on the other hand I had a great book to read.

Since arriving to Perpignan I have been more and more jealous of people living in the South of France, although there is snow on the top of the mountains you can see in the distance, here it is sunny enough to sunbathe through the window, its not even proper jacket weather outside and its December. The only down side is the wind. Apparently in some parts it got up to 100 m/h in some parts last week.

That's Thibaut on the floor...
Thibaut had a rugby match on Sunday, I'm not a huge fan of watching sport but knowing someone on the team made it a lot more interesting than watching rugby on TV. Of course Thibaut's team (He plays for the rugby team for the town Pia) won and he even got Man-of-the-Match in the pub celebration that evening.

Now I'm off to get a University Lunch. Tomorrow it's off to Toulouse!

Bye Bye

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