Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Interrail - Vienna

On the Night Train

Leanders Living Room

Leanders Bedroom

The Kitchen


Leander met me at the station with two bikes and we rode to his flat in glorious sunshine.
His flat is wonderful, it's so different to the flats of the two french university boys I've stayed with, maybe because he lives with two girls... its quirky and full of random objects. The best parts are that the shower works and the kitchen is actually full of food!
Once I'd settled in and Leander had finished his exam, we ate lunch and then headed out to explore Vienna. We saw about 5 different christmas markets, some Museums and had a longer look at an architecture display.

Inside the big University

After deciding NOT to see a 2.5 hour Woody Allen Theatre display, we went to get some Gluhwein and some dinner for cheaper than normal as Leanders' Ex Girlfriend works on the market stall. At around 9pm we went back to the flat as I was tired from the Night Train, and Leander had had little sleep due to last minute cramming for his exam.

The next day Leander had to study so after breakfast I went to explore some of Vienna on my own. I didn't get very far, I had a look at some local shops including a Charity Shop much like the ones we have in England but a little less organised.
I had lunch in a Cafe called WeltCafe which was all Fair Trade foods but still with a pretty decent price,  had the following for 6.50 euros:

Mexican Breakfast
 By the time I got out, it was already dark so after a look through the Christmas Market and a quick chat with Leander who was going to study for longer I went back to the flat.

That night we made Snitzel und Pommes because this is Austria.
 Then we got ready and went out to a club called Flex which was rediculously quiet to start with, due to the fact it was a Tuesday night but eventually it got full enough to be fun and we ended up staying until 4.30am.

Leander und ich.

Today is 12.12.12 and I am taking the train at 16.36 from Wien Westbahnhof to Salzburg and then Salzburg to Grafing Bahnhof where I'll be staying with Nathalie and her family until Sunday or Monday, haven't decided yet. (I know Nathalie since my own kindergarten days and I can't wait to see her again! Especially because she's been doing some traveling of her own.)

Bis bald,
Lucy xxo

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