Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Interrail - Munich

I say Munich but actually I stayed in a very small village called Pienzenau whose closest train station is Grafing BF. I stayed in the Suski family home, whose oldest and only daughter is called Nathalie and we went to Kindergarten together. So I've known this family for a long long time but only really see them every 3-ish years.

I arrived at Grafing Bahnhof 2 hours later than I was supposed to due to snow-delays. Nathalie drove to the station in the family car which was a bit of a shock since last time I saw her she was probably 14 or 15 and I didn't know that she'd passed her test. I thought it was her mum at first.

We decided to go straight be bed but as usual, stayed up chatting for another 3 hours before that actually happened. The next day we baked Christmas cookies and looked at some of her plans to go to Australia.

On Friday, Nathalie had to work from 9 till 5pm so I planned for days yet to come and researched opportunities on www.workaway.info - I have now moved my trip to Italy from April and May to February and March.

That night we got ready, watched Ziemlich Beste Freunde (if you ever get a chance to watch this film, it's originally French, do it!) and then left for a bit of Munich Night Life at 11.30 pm. We went to a cluster of clubs where you got to go into all of them for just 5 euros. The place was called Kultfabrik for anyone going to this area. The night ended up being so good and Nathalie and I are such perfect party partners that we didn't get home until 13.00 the next day, a record breaker for Nathalie which I am proud of being part of ;)

By 2pm we were asleep but forgot to set an alarm so woke up at 9pm confused. We'd made plans to go out again to a more exclusive party but decided it was too late to show up since it was supposed to have started at 7pm and most of the people there new Nathalie. So instead we watched Charlies Angels in German and then went to sleep again around midnight.

Sunday we went to an alternative Christmas market in Munich with her parents and youngest brother of 4. There were so many beautiful things in this market as well as foods from all over the world and a lot of hand-made and/or fair trade products. I managed to grab a few extra Christmas presents there.

Afterwards we went for tea/coffee and cake at their aunt and uncles house with their two young boys. And then it was time for me to pack again and the next morning I left pretty early with Nathalie's dad who took me to the station on his way to work.

The conclusion of my trip to Pienzenau is that I am now going to Australia in April.
My plan from now on:
Berlin - 17th December to 21st December
Schlangenbad - 21st December to 31st December
Ireland - 31st December to 8th January
England - 8th January to 20th January
Amsterdam - 20th January to 7th February
Carnival in Cologne - 7th February to 12th February
Amsterdam - 12 February to 15th February
Italy - 15th February to 18th March
Amsterdam - 18th March to 22nd March
Switzerland - 22nd March to 13th April
Amsterdam - 13th April - unknown
but probably around the 20th of April 2013 I'd fly to Australia and meet up with Nathalie somehow, spending between 3 and 5 months there. I am probably going to get a Work and Travel Visa which allows you twelve months in Australia, although if it's only three months I might just get a tourist visa, you can still do most workaway jobs with a tourist visa, plus WWOOFing can be done on a tourist visa.  

We shall see!
Lucy xxo

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