Friday, 22 March 2013

Crossing Paths

This is Ben Cartwright and Myles Strickland. I know them from my A Level School, KTS. They have just begun their month long tour of Europe and with it, have started their own blog ( - something for those of you who prefer short and sweet blog entries!

Luckily our travel-paths crossed for today, so we met outside the Ann Frank Museum at 11.30 am and we caught up with our lives while enjoying the infamous vending machine burgers of Amsterdam.

Ben, myself and Myles
I took them to the Sex Museum and the Condomorie before showing them my parents flat (and the steep, steep entrance hall steps). We had sandwiches and Ben used my laptop to plan their next leg of their journey. (They're off to Berlin tomorrow!)

We said goodbye outside the local kind-of-post-office as they're off to the Heineken Tour and I am off to Cologne, in an hour, to get on the night-bus to Les Crosets, Switzerland. I had a really nice sending-off meet-up with some old school friends and now I am packed and ready for my 2 weeks in the snow!

Until next time,
Lucy xxo

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