Thursday, 28 March 2013

Mountain Town

Yesterday was a glorious day weather wise. I had swapped breakfast duty with Leisel, so at about 11.30 am I was the last to leave the hotel. After skiing the same black piste as before, I decided to try and find Avoriaz, a town built into the mountain.

You can ski through the streets.

The first time, I ended up back at the hotel, so decided to go a different way, and this time I saw the signs. So after that, it was very easy to follow them! I skied there and back twice before having lunch back at the hotel.

View from the Ski Lift back up

After lunch I went another couple of times with Leisel, Julia and Eva. Then we all had dinner duties so headed back for about 16.00.

Saw this sumo-wrestler do a back-flip off the last jump!
That night, we had our first shared-room argument as me and Alex were watching "Possession" and Andi wanted to sleep. Things got pretty tense at about 2 am in the morning but I think they're okay again now. I'm hoping it was all just a bit of a misunderstanding... We shall see!

Cleaning duties today are already over, so my day is free, however the weather has taken a turn for fog, and my muscles are pretty shattered, I had a little fall yesterday and on top of that it's the 4th day in a row of skiing for most of the day! I did get some video footage yesterday so I might spend today making a video.

We shall see,
Lucy xxo

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