Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Big Adventure

So it is now official.

I am going to Australia

I leave Amsterdam on the 22nd of April at 15.30 where I have a 6 hour and 29 minute flight to Dubai. (Arriving at 23.59.)

From Dubai, I fly to Sydney at 2.15 on the 23rd of April and arrive in Sydney at 22.05 after a 13 hour and 50 minute flight.

In Australia I intend to spend about 4 days in Sydney, including a trip to Manly. Then go up to the Gold Coast where I will hopefully meet up with Nathalie (her first blog & her second blog). We will attempt to get jobs somewhere between Surfers Paradice/Bryon Bay/Mooloolaba/Brisbane/Sunshine Coast and spend about a month there, until Nathalie turns 19 on the 24th of May.

After that I intend to travel upwards, Nathalie may join me for this, she may not, it's not decided yet. I will attempt to go camping on Fraser Island, surfing in the Town of 1770, Partying in Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays, go to a Full Moon Party on the Magnetic Islands off of Townsville and then end up in Cairns, where I may just go and see some giant crocodiles at the Johnstone River Crocodile Park. 

The plan is then to fly back from Cairns to Sydney in time for onward travel.

I am going to the USA

I leave Sydney on the 20th of June at 13.05 where I have a 13 hour and 40 minute flight to Los Angeles. (Arriving at 09.45.)

The rough plan here is to fly or take the bus to San Francisco and meet up with Rachel (from IC11) then to fly to Nashville, spend a couple of days exploring, before taking the bus to Chattanooga, where my hosts will pick me up and I will spend about 5 weeks experiencing how a real film crew work in Cleveland, Tennessee.

After that, I will return to Chattanooga, take the bus to Nashville, and fly from there to Phoenix. From here I will hopefully take a day trip through the Grand Canyon, ending in Williams, Arizona. From Williams I would then take an over night train to Los Angeles in time for the Taylor Swift Concert on the 20th of August that I got tickets to last Christmas. (If anybody is interested in joining me for this, I still have a spare ticket). Hopefully somewhere before/after the gig I will also meet up with Iman (from IC11)!

I will then fly back to Europe.

I leave Los Angeles on the 22nd of August at 21.30 where I have a 10 hour and 15 minute flight to London Luton. (Arriving at 15.45 on the 23rd of August).

From London, I fly to Amsterdam on the 23rd of August at 18.00 where I have my final 1 hour and 10 minute flight before returning home. (Arriving at 20.10.)

I am going to University

After the 23rd of August, I will spend a few weeks recovering before packing up my stuff and flying back to London Luton, picking up more stuff from my best friend Abigail's house and then I will head up to Chester University for the end of September 2013.

So there you have it! My plans for the future, what are yours? So I've got a couple more flights, buses, etc. etc. to sort out, but the big ones are booked. (All the flights above add up to a whopping 1,540 euro, which is paid for by my 17th birthday, Christmas 2011, 18th birthday and my future 19th birthday). In my opinion, WELL worth the wait!

Until then though, I still have just under 2 weeks here in Italy, I am finally starting to feel un-sick again, so hopefully I'll get a riding lesson in there before I leave. A brief stay in Amsterdam, a train to Cologne where I will then take a bus to Switzerland for 3 weeks in the snow. Then a bus back to Cologne, a train to Amsterdam, and then please go back up to the top of this blog post!

Bye for now,

Hugs and kisses,
Lucy from the World xxo

Oh, and in case that wasn't enough, here's a cute picture of a cat:

Orazio stretching

Not even cats like Evil King Joffrey!

Almost more excited for this than for all my plans.... hmmm... maybe not. But almost!
Dad, you better record them for me so that I can watch them in September!!!

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