Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Punta Ala and Follonica

Follonica, Italy

I am back in Amsterdam now until the evening of the 22nd of March, but I thought I'd just update you on my last week in Punta Ala, Italy, before I head to Switzerland. I have created a new video:

Italy [Part Two]

So after the occurrence's of the video, on Friday the 15th of March, Silvia and I went to the Follonica Hospital to finally sort out my medical bills. After that, Silvia took me to a Sicilian style Bakery, it's run by a family from Sicily and they only make sweet food items. So ice creams, or fancy cakes, stuff like that.
Silvia makes clay based sculptures, but has recently started helping the Bakery with their sugar and chocolate sculptures. This is what she's made:

It's for the younger sons girlfriends birthday, apparently he is also taking her to Paris for a couple of days. The real Italian Stallion exists! Haha, the cake is just missing a mirror, final touches and then it's finished.

After they showed me Silvia's creation, we got some ice creams. Out in the shop front, there were a lot of Easter related cakes and other sweet things, but there were also these three statues, which are apparently made out of a special sugar. They looked amazing, like they were made out of frosted glass.

I got three tasters before picking my two scoops. Silvia got two scoops too and the younger son (in the picture above) wouldn't even let us pay! How nice : ) We then walked to the beach, which was just down the road. We ate our ice creams at the end of a long peer of rocks:

My ice cream, on the beach

Then on Saturday the 16th of March, I had my first riding lesson in about 10 years. I rode a horse called Nickolas, David rode Fifi, Cristina on her horse Voltan and another Italian woman whose name I can't remember rode on Tressa. We rode around Punta Ala and down to the Polo Field for about 30 minutes before heading back to the stables.

Nickolas and me
The horse-back view
Monday the 18th, my mothers birthday, I flew back from Pisa to Amsterdam. I did a very stupid thing at the airport... When you go through security, you have to take out your laptop and other electrical goods, as well as your liquids and take off your belt and shoes, etc. etc. etc.

Well I did all that, got through fine and dandy, I've done this at least 30 times now, so it's just routine. So I packed up all my things and left, all fine. 20 minutes later I went to the bathroom, and as I took my rucksack off, I realized that it was really lights.

So I reached into the back zipper where I keep my laptop and realized that it was missing. Oh crap! So yep, I had left my laptop and tablet on the side at the security check! Oops..

I RAN to the security desk, said "I'm really sorry, I left my laptop and tablet on the side here" to the guy checking the screens, he asked me what model it was, "a red dell" I said and he phoned somebody.

He then pointed me to an office just down the corridor, where a woman in uniform asked me into this office-y room where my laptop and tablet where lying on the desk. Relief flooded through me, they hadn't imploded them then..

So I was expecting some questions, or something, but no, she just gave them back to me, I put them in my bag, she said "be careful next time" and let me out again. I am pretty sure that kind of thing wouldn't be so relaxed in the USA or even in England, but I guess there are some good sides to the Italian government ; )

That's all for now,
Lucy xxo

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