Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Black Piste

Yesterday I went Skiing with Leisel and Eva. Eva was on Skis for the first time since childhood (she usually snowboards) and Leisel was riding "fakie" (Riding the snowboard backwards from a normal stance) for the first time. So the pace was pretty good for me.

We started with about 3 runs down the nearest blue piste before heading up a little higher, going down a red and then deciding to continue down the black piste when the piste split into two ways.

This was actually my first ever black piste, if I remember correctly. Wasn't too bad, actually quiet enjoyed it and even did a couple of areas pretty fast. (Oh and the first half was in such thick fog that if Eva went about 30 m away, I couldn't see her anymore!)

After that we went back up the nearest blue piste, but next to this piste is a Snow Park, and yep, did my first ever Snow Park that day too. Did it as slowly as you possibly can, considering you have to get up 10 m ramps, but I am still proud of myself for at least trying!

I think I'd be a little more adventurous if I didn't know that if I break something here, my plans for Australia and the USA might get a little messed up! That and because last time I went skiing over a jump in the woods, I broke my thumb...

[Not my photo]
But these kind of signs indicate what kind of slope you are on,
for those of you who have never been Skiing or  Snowboarding:
Blue is Easy
Red is Medium
Black is Hard

Today it was my turn to clean the Teamers Private Bathroom Area (a rota where everyone cleans roughly once every 10 days) and later on I will be on the bar. I got a quick show around after breakfast, and my shift starts between 16.00 and 17.00 - depending on the weather - and I will be on my own behind the bar until 19.30... I have never been behind a bar before, I have very little knowledge of Alcohol in general, so this will be very interesting... I think I'll watch some "How to" videos on Youtube.com before I start.

Oh the joys of the internet!
Lucy xxo

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