Monday, 29 April 2013

Bondi Beach

Hitomi and I decided to go to Bondi Beach on my first day in Sydney, but first we went to the Greyhound bus ticket office so that I could get my official ticket, which turned out to be unnecessary since you only need your booking number and code anyway! Oh well, good to know, got to see a bit of Sydney center!

We then got the bus from the corner of Hyde Park directly to Bondi Beach (which is pronounced Bond-I and not Bondy by the way). The beach was beautiful and straight away I saw some extremely physically fit and extremely tanned people.

Look at that water!

Hitomi (who is a 28 year old Japanese primary school teacher) and I decided to go swimming. The water was cool but once you got used to it, pretty nice. We were having a great time until suddenly the currents got a lot stronger, and since Hitomi is a lot lighter than me, I had to keep a hold of her so that she wouldn't be swept away. This made it very difficult for me to swim as well, which meant two surfers had to help us get out before things got really dangerous... I think we were very lucky that the two surfers saw us and decided to help. I will definitively be more careful next time I am at the beach and only go in where there are lots of other people in the water too. Thank "The Thing That Knows Everything" (some people call him God but that would be biased and religious of me, which I am not) for those two name-less heroes! (Didn't catch their names as they went straight back to surfing once we were safe).

Hitomi didn't seem that fazed by the whole thing, so we soon got back to enjoying ourselves and we got some really awesome photos (I guess I am still too young to let a near-by-death-experience effect my day):

After Bondi Beach we went to the supermarket and got lunch ($1 bread and ham) dinner ($3 mince meat, pasta and tomato sauce) which also happened to provide lunch for the next day as well. So for three meals, I paid $5 all because I shared my shop with another person, I will keep that trick in mind for the future!

Lucy xxo

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