Sunday, 14 April 2013

My Tragic Loss

So we arrive at the last bus stop (Bielefeld, Germany) at about 7 am on Sunday morning. Alex and I get out with the last guests (Simon, his mother and his son) and go and get our luggage.

Only... my suitcase is nowhere to be seen. Ah-Oh!

I have to casually walk away to let the information sink in and not freak out entirely. All I have is my rucksack. All my things are gone! Absolutely everything, all I have are the clothes on my back.

But then I remember... my passport is in my rucksack.

Nothing else matters!

So I walk back to the bus and they give me Ollie's number (one of the Pfiff Reisen bosses) and Alex sends him a text for me because I don't have any credit left. We wait for our bus to come and take us to the city center so that we can catch the train to Berlin using a Mitfahrergelegenheit (a German version of and I guess the whole journey is a little easier without having to carry my suitcase but I'd still rather have my stuff.

So in Berlin, for the first couple of days, I had to wear all of Alex's clothes, right down to the boxers. Until I got fed up and decided to go to Primark. As well as having no clothes, I had no cables/chargers for my phone, laptop, tablet or MP3 Player. (Luckily all of those things I'd put into my rucksack!) So we decided to look for a charger as well, but the laptop cable would have cost me about £50.00 so we left it.

Eventually it got futher and futher away from the Sunday where I'd lost my suitcase and none of the guests had said they's accidently taken an extra suitcase, and my hope was starting to dwindle. So we went to the police and reported the incident.

Now I am back in Amsterdam, and am in the process of contacting all the Lost Property Offices of each of the bus stop towns to see if anything was handed in. Dad's looking for cheaper ways to get new cables but we've found spares for my phone and MP3 player, just my tablet and my laptop.

I go to Australia on Monday.

Luckily, most of the clothes that I want to take to Australia were all still in Amsterdam and not in my suitcase, unfortunatley my camera has run out of battery and I don't have a charger for it. Neither do I have any make-up, I lost my favourite pair of jeans and my Knights Templar School leavers hoody. My new pair of green trainers and my LBD which has been with me through everything...

Hopefully it will turn up, but if not, I've never been happier to have my passport on me at all times.
Hope all is well where you are,
Lucy xxo

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