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Teamer Tours

It's been a long time since I posted properly and I am sorry for that but the last two weeks have been very busy. First of all, I'll update you on my last week in Switzerland.

With Pfiff Reisen, a new week starts on a Saturday. Saturday 30th of March, the new guests arrived in the morning and we cleaned all the rooms. I had dusting duties, which was easy but boring as it's the same in each room and you are the only one doing it, where-as the Saturday before I was on toilets, which isn't pleseant but about 3 people do it, so the rooms are divided between more people.

The Teamers Eva and Julia left with the guests and teamers Andreas (medical student/cook) and Tim (medical student) arrived with the new guests. Since Eva and Julia had been upstairs, Leisel suggested it would be a good idea if I moved upstairs as well, making upstairs the girls room and downstairs the boys room. So in the break between cleaning and dinner duties, I threw all my suff into my suitcase (literally) and moved it all upstairs out of the U-boat and into the Loft!

The view from my new window

My new bed, next to Regina
On Sunday, since I no longer had breakfast duties, I had to take part in the guest tours! Unfortunatley, it was rather foggy! Alex took the lead, Regina did the speaking and I made sure nobody fell behind. We had 11 guests on our tour.

By the time we got to Avoriaz, the sun was out and I even managed to get a little burn in the shape of my goggles, which by the next day had developed into tan, so I fit in with the team!

Regina, me and Alex

Alex, Regina and some of the guests

Alex, Regina and me

View from the "Romantic Lift"

On Monday, Leisel took Tim, Regina, Andi and me on the "Thursday Tour" so that we could do it ourselves on Thursday with the guests. A day with all but one of the teamers (Andreas who had never been skiing before and was actually more of a cook than a teamer) was actually really nice. The weather was glorious and I got to see a lot more of the mountains than I would have on my own.

The day ended in the bar and for the first time in 4 weeks, I was allowed to drink Alcohol again (my antibiotics had stopped the day before) so I enjoyed a Cucumber Cocktail - super refreshing!

On Tuesday I went skiing with Alex (who snowboards) through "The Stash", an area through the woods with lots of jumps etc. Really cool. Unfortunaltley about the second time down, Alex did a jump and landed on his face, scraping it up a bit due to an icey landing.

If that had happened to me, I think I would have gone straight back to the hotel, but Alex just kept going. So I filmed him doing tricks until my camera battery ran out. Hopefully I will be able to put a video up soon! I also bought a bottle of Malibu from Avoriaz as it's cheaper than going to the bar all the time, and we get mixers for free!


Wednesday is inbetween clean-day at Pfiff Reisen. That means, people have to put their bins infront of their doors, or leave their doors unlocked for bathroom cleaning etc. Once again, I cleaned toilets. Once we'd all finished, we all skied/snowboarded to Avoriaz for a snack. Then Alex and I went and found this slalom skiing area, where it starts with a jump and then you ski down the mountain through a built up area that curves round, and it shaped like a big water slide. Pretty coold stuff! I also did a proper kicker ramp in Les Crosets and helped a little bleeding English girl back onto her skiis on the way down back to the hotel.


Thursday came around and it was time for our big tour. The weather wasn't brilliant but better than Sunday! Regina and I were going to do the slow tour, until everybody wanted to do the fast tour and so Tim, Leisel, Andi, Regina and I all took the 40-odd guests round the tour together.

About half way through, the group split into those that wanted to do a black piste and those that didn't. Regina, Tim and I took the ones that didn't on a different route and then met up again with everybody for lunch.

Me, Andi, Tim, Simon (guest) and Leisel.
On Friday, our last night, I had bar duties. They went a little smoother than my first shift but not that great as we'd run out of almost all types of beer at the beginning. I was let off at around 11pm but I didn't get to bed until about 3am. I think generally it was a really great night. A lot of crazy dancing, two of the guests, Hanna and Radim the bar man played strip-table-football (I have a video) and I invited 7 people to Tequila shots.

Our last day came and went pretty quickly, after breakfast we had to do a bit of organising and cleaning, for example I had to find a full set of chess pieces and then throw the rest away. Then we ate left overs for lunch and some people went for a last play in the snow. I packed instead as I'd meant to do it the night before but ended up staying too long at the bar... Then it was dinner time and suddenly we were all standing outside in front of the bus hugging and saying goodbye.

The Teamers had managed to secure the back of the bus, so it went; Regina, Hanna, me, Alex and Tim. The rest of the workers were staying longer to clean up afterwards (paid work). Hanna and Tim were off home, Regina was to visit her brother and then come visit her cousin in Berlin, and I was going to Berlin where Alex lives and where I'd meet Regina when she arrived.

I'll tell you the rest next time,
Lucy xxo

Oh and one last thing, Regina made up a game in the kitchens where we raced around trying to catch eachother while all seated on the trolleys usually used to wheel out food. GREAT FUN! Plus I have a video, so hopefully you'll get to see a bit of that too. In the meantime, here's a picture of us eating pizza after once such game:

Regina, Bert and me

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