Monday, 29 April 2013

Flying with Emirates through Quantas

Oh hey, guess what? I made it! I am in Australia :)
And before I get to describing what that is like, I'll give you my account of the very long flights I had to take.

Amsterdam to Dubai, 6 hours

The plane was spacious, new and all the flight attendants were pretty brunette girls with red lipstick and those red hats with white veils. Just like the Emirates posters!

As well as that, by viewing the 6 minute "what's new?" Video I realise that they had at least 10 movies that I want to watch including ones that are in the cinema now and you can watch them all for free.
On top of that there are TV programmes, games, music and internet access. That's right INTERNET ACCESS ON A PLANE! Whaaat? Not only that but you can call and text people. (Those 3 aren't free of course but technology-wise I was mighty impressed)

And then as if that wasn't enough, they came round with menus including a starter, choice of 3 delicious sounding main meals AND a pudding. I was pretty darn happy.

Needless to say, I ate everything and didn't sleep at all.

Impressions of Dubai

I arrived in Dubai at the local time of 30 minutes past midnight and I was told it was 29! Degrees outside. Wowcha!

I was imediatley in awe of the place as soon as I got to the shopping area. The colours and displays were just all the things you think of when you imagin rich Asia. Unfortunatly, I had only one hour to get through security and to my next flight so I couldn't stop to do more than vow to myself that I would one day return for a longer stay.

Dubai to Sydney:

I noticed the difference between the planes straight away. This was an older model and therefore smaller and the seats were a little tight. On top of that, the crew were a mix of tall, short, blonde, brunette, pretty and not. Also, some of them weren't wearing their hats with veils.

The entertainment section had the same vast sellection but unfortunatly the screens were smaller.
But oh well, I thought, I need to sleep anyway. And then came the menus followed quickly by breakfast - herb omlette, spinach and potatoe wedges. Croissant and a bun with butter and strawberry jam. With orange juice to drink.

I slept until lunch time (lamb in sauce with mashed potatoe and carrots plus many side dishes.)
I watched Rise of the Guardians and Wreck it Ralph before landing in Sydney...

Greatings from the Southern Hemisphere!
Lucy xxo


  1. Would I like:

    a. Rise of the Guardians
    b. Wreck it Ralph

    ... and if so, which one would I like most?

  2. You would like both, a lot, I liked both, a lot... very difficult to say which one I liked more! You will have to decide yourself!