Saturday, 20 April 2013

Switzerland Videos

Hey there,
Here's part two of my Switzerland experience. It's a little longer than normal but stick to the end, because I at least think it's funny (especially if you are featured!).

and if you missed part one for ever reason, it's under the blog title "Skiing in Switzerland" but here's the link again for you lazy viewers:

Now I leave for Australia on Monday, and I don't take my laptop so I think that will be my last video for quiet some time. I realised today that I have 5,052 views on my youtube channel, so I am pretty proud of that especially since film making is one of my preferred career paths in life. Plus that actually means I have more Youtube views than blog views, my blog views currently stand at 4,628 views which means I beat my target of 4,000 before Australia by a lot. Yay!

I just want to take this space to thank you all for such great support and I am really looking forward to sharing the last 4 months of my Gap Year with you on my blog. This weeks stat's look like this:

United Kingdom  65
United States       28
Russia                   26
Germany               24
Spain                       7
Netherlands           7
Israel                       6
Austria                   4
Czech Republic     3
Ireland                    2

And the overall stat's look like this: 

United Kingdom   1498
United States          543
Germany                 461
Turkey                    298
Netherlands            235
Portugal                 198
Spain                     153
France                   149
Ireland                   104
Russia                     84

Lots of love and appreciation,
Lucy xxo

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