Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Up's and Down's

Today was our first real day of work. The event has begun, the artists are all here and already covered in clay. The day began a little slowly as we had to sort out all our roles and what to do when and how. Internet access was a big problem all day long but I think it's finally sorted and tomorrow it will be a lot easier.

More free stuff!!
Jana and Hudi interviewed the Hungarian artist, Mariann Ban, a very interesting older woman with blue hair. She was very friendly and had a lot so say which was great for us. After lunch, and our first real team-argument, probably mainly my own fault (sorry guys) we sorted out what we would do next.

Mariann Ban
Hudi interviewed the Indian artist,Wali Hawes, who actually lives in England. He was also very friendly and had the best message for his art I've heard yet. He was basically making a lot of 'hands' with clay. He believes that "the hand is a universal symbol of peace. It's why we shake hands in England, a way of showing that we are not carrying weapons and that we mean no harm", he went on to say that he wanted other people to get involved with his art too, children, students, visitors, anybody! "I want to show people that what they have to say, is just as important as anybody else" therefore, he wants the artwork to be places not in a museum etc. but at bus stops and random other places in town, so that some Turkish child somewhere can go "look mum, that's what I made!!"

Once the interview was finished, he went on the tell me a few very bad English jokes that I think my dad would like, for example:

Where do dogs keep their money?


At 4pm it was my turn to interview the English artist, Rodney Harris, whose message was a lot more simple. In fact, there was little message in his work, as he put it "I'm just playing with bricks, I enjoy it" and "I am here via a free flight, with a nice apartment and free food - of course I'm happy!" His artwork was going to be an illusion of a living room but made out of bricks usually seen on the outside of a house. It will be displayed in a national park here in Eskisehir.

We didn't leave until 6pm and it is now 8pm but my eyes are drooping ridiculously! It was a really nice hot day and I enjoyed interviewing the artists and even though there were a few rough moments within our voluntary team, the experience I think is very beneficial, especially for me as I want to work in Events Management!

I think, Good Night is in order!
Lucy xxo

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