Sunday, 9 September 2012

A Turkish Family Home

Today was a lazy day again to start off with. I didn't actually wake up until 1pm. It being a Sunday, we had to get our own food today, so we all went together to a fast-food place and Andi and I shared a Snitzel meal with chips, salad, red cabbage and tomatoes.

Feeling full after lunch!
After lunch, we returned to the flat and had our second Turkish lesson, yesterday being our first. We went over what we had learnt yesterday and then learnt a few new words and some phrases such as "I'm lost, can you help me?" and consequently we also learned some directions. (Probably going to come in Veeeeerrrryy useful in the next few days!)

The lessons are around 2 hours long and then we had free time and the promised surprise was revealed.(Safa promised us a surprise yesterday for around 6.30pm) The surprise was that Kiymet, our Monday to Saturday cook, had invited us all round to have dinner in a real Turkish Families house, her own. Traditionally, in Turkey, when invited round someones house, you bring a small gift with you - we gave her a big box of cookies from all of us.

At around 6.20pm we all piled into two taxi's and Safa's car. The drive didn't take long but when we got out, the view down the street was truly beautiful!

The View down the street!
The walkway to her house had an archway over the top with big broad green leaves draping over them, probably growing something, but I don't know what because my knowledge of plants is very limited! Up a flight of stairs and we all took our shoes off and went inside.

Waiting for dinner
We entered into a large living room with at least 5 older family members all looking at us curiously. We sat down on the sofa's for maybe 10 minutes (admiring the very cute cat and 3 year old girl playing with Filipa) and then Kiymet told us to come to the table -We were served potato, pea and mince-meat soup with rice and chick-peas and chicken dipped in breadcrumbs. It was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good! Especially the soup : D After the main course, we were each given a large piece of cake apparently made with hashish, a common herb used here in Turkey in many dishes. Then of course, it being Turkey, we each ended the evening with at least 2 cups of Turkish Tea - Safa had 4 I think!

Tomorrow breakfast is at 11am again, and then we are leaving at 4pm to watch/film/take notes on the Opening Ceremony of the Terracotta Symposium. After that we are meeting with the artists and other participants, but not the public, for a cocktail and to celebrate the opening. We have been told to dress up a little so I might wear my black, white and grey maxi dress that hardly ever gets used because I never have anything posh enough to wear it to :) - the other girls are also thinking of wearing dresses, so should be okay :)

Last night's Cocktails!
I am now going to take a look at all our video footage and see if I can make another video : P

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