Friday, 7 September 2012

Accidents and Adventures

Today we got up early again, 8am to leave for 9. We drove for 1 hour and 30 minutes (extra sleeping time) before arriving at our destination...


Hudi and myself taking a break
Inside the caves
Resting in the shade, enjoying the view

Fruits we found but didn't dare eat

Andi and the view
Accidental Artistic Photograph by Andi Rei
Lili and the other view

As you can see the view's here were really spectacular and Lili and I both felt very free and like we should be able to fly haha. The rocks had cave-like houses in them, including obvious places for sleeping etc. (Shelves in the sides of the walls)

Lili attempting to fly
After lunch (consisting of a tomato, lettuce and chicken kebab meat sandwich and cherry juice) we drove for another 10 minutes to visit another similar sight but this one had a more specific story.

Apparently, this was the place where King Mitas lost his virginity - It had quiet a romantic view actually!

Rui acting as King Mitas
In other news, Jana managed to break her foot dancing before we even got to the Karaoke bar on September 5th so she is now in a big cast (already with lots of signatures of course!). Luckily, she's really light and small so easily picked up for stairs and rocky terrain like today ;)

Arpi and Jana
We have also started setting up our promotional media sights including this Facebook page: - so please go 'Like' it!!
As well as a Facebook, we have created a blog but I wont give you the link yet as we haven't posted anything on it yet - we are still working on that. : P

Filipa, Lili and myself
So yeah, pretty awesome day today especially as today celebrates 1 week of being in Turkey. I felt it on the drive back today (not for the first time however, the first was longing for a Bacon sandwich after our Karaoke night out! Cucumber, bread and cheese was not good enough that morning...) as I played a few sad-er songs on my MP3 player and thought about my own much more comfortable bed back .. well now in Amsterdam! I'm also missing my mothers cooking (even though the food here is great, there is nothing better than your own mum's cooking), bickering with my father and gossiping with Becky, Abigail or Annie.
And even though this Turkey trip is exciting and keeps me quiet busy, I am still feeling the International-Camp-Blues every now and again (so of course I am still wearing my green band).

But all in all, I'm healthy, happy, a little brown and thoroughly enjoying Turkey! We have even organised a bathroom cleaning rota now, thing's are getting serious.

Let the Terracotta Event begin!

Lucy xxo

P.S. I am one step away from applying to Camp America for Summer 2013 (If you are interested visit and once I've got a place on that, I can start planning my visit to California to see Iman and Rachel who I met at IC11! Yay!

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  1. Hi Lucy finally got to look. It all looks fantastic and warm. Cant wait to see you in person and hear all. Boys are all doing well still driving me mad :-) good luck and save journey on your next step. Don't forget to come for your cooked meal. Missing you. H+4 musketeers