Thursday, 20 September 2012

River Beach

Tuesday the 18th was our first day off since we began working properly. My day began at around 12noon when Lili woke Andi and I up for breakfast because Kymet was asking for us. :)

We then got ready and Andi and I headed to the River Beach early. We got milkshakes and I bought a cheeseburger for lunch.

Then we went to the fake beach which has been created just along a river, they've separated the river into two streams, one of which they have closed off with walls and have cleaned the water to make a pool and the other carries on as a normal river. They've added sand and sunbathing areas too:

The River Pool

After some time, Andi and I shared a quarter of a watermelon that Kymet had given us to take with us.

By the time the above cloud had gone across the sun, Jana, Lili and Rui arrived.

Going swimming anyway!

Lili the Lama
Having a lazy day

Once we were all really wet and cold, we decided to go get tea and coffee from the nearby Cafe (the same place that I had my dinner in on the first night of my time here)

They provide blankets!

Teaching Lili how to wrap properly ;)

We got the tram home and Kymet had made dinner and bought a cake for us. Here's Engin pulling the same face as the smiley on the cake:

Filipa decided to smear her chocolate covering on my face instead of eating it...

After dinner and a bit of a rest, we went to Los Amigos, the pub and I got my third milkshake of the day.. oh dear... this one by far looked the best, it was also the sweetest.

Free tasters at Los Amigos
Now we're back to work until the 23rd of September and then we are all free to do whatever we want/whatever we can still afford until we all leave on the 30th from Istanbul!

Tonight we are having a private Karaoke night!
I really can't sing...
                            Lucy xxo

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