Sunday, 16 September 2012

Turkish Cuisine

Today was a day of food... when is it not a food day you ask? Well okay, so today was a SPECIAL food day! Haha

First of all, its a Sunday so Kymet is not here to cook us any food. For breakfast Andi, Filipa and myself shared some chocolate ball cereal - Andi and I bought some awhile ago but then Jana and Francesca found them and ate them all in one night, so we forced them to buy us a new packet which turned out to be a bigger one - yay for us : P

Then for lunch, again as it's a Sunday, the Terracotta Food System prepared a special Turkish pizza that we got to eat at circled tables for 10, draped with black velvet with gold flowery plates and cold chairs with a chandelier in the middle :) how cool is that? There was also a waiter and as well as water we could choose from orange juice, cherry juice, peach juice and coke.

Then for dinner, Andi and I decided to go get a Kebab as we have now been in Turkey for 16 days and STILL haven't eaten one!! Crazy.

Free starters

We asked Engin (one of the stars in my Famous in Turkey video) and he told us"the best place in Eskisehir, maybe all of Turkey!" called 'Urfa Kebab'. When we arrived, after a 5 minute walk, we found quiet a nice restaurant style place. We got shown to a table at the back by an older man who could speak German. To start with we were given 3 starter meals for free: a salad with some spicy sausage shaped sauce, yogurt and aubergine and cucumber and tomatoes salad with onion.

Then we ordered our main meal, we decided to share one meal, a chicken dish with a tomato sauce. With it we got slices of thick bread and we also got given some Nan style bread.

Then, we got given a plate of pistachio nuts again for free, some melon and grapes and Turkish tea. In the end we had to pay "16.50 TL" but we gave the waiter 20 TL and he gave us 5TL back and said it was okay. So we worked that out to be 7.50 TL each, which is about 3/4 euro which is about £3! How good is that?! Haha

This video is how they heat the tea in Turkish restaurants :P

Anyway I'm shattered, might watch a movie -

P.S. We totally saw Taylor Lautner at the age of 10:

He looked more like him in real life/when he was looking up.


  1. So you went to Urfa Kebab for a kebab and had everything going ... except a kebab? You must go back! At once! Best wishes, etc.

  2. Haha yeah I know! Crazy! But it's our day off today and we're heading to a fake beach by the river so going to grab a proper fast food kebab rather than the posh restaurant kebab :)