Saturday, 29 September 2012

Istanbul, Turkey

On the ferry

We arrive in Istanbul and had to catch a ferry to the other side - from the Asian part to the European part! It cost 3 TL, then we got two trams 3 TL each (which meant that the 40 minute journey cost the same as the trip to Sile :( sucks) then we met up with the owner of this apartment and she took us down a hill then up a hill then along a road to our place.

On the ferry

Was AWFUL with a really heavy backpack and suitcase to carry!! But luckily our apartment has a lift as we are on the second floor. I dibbsed first shower and it was AMAZING! Definitely the best shower I've had in an entire month :s the one in Eskisehir was pretty rubbish and the one in Sile was always cool.

Hudi on the ferry
We were supposedly going to have 2 sofa beds but one is rock hard and the other is no better. After some discussions, Andi, Filipa and I share the double bed and the other 3 sleeping places are divided between Lili, Hudi and Rui. It's crammed but there is free internet. so all in all not that bad!

Crammed conditions?

Here is the rest of Istanbul in pictures:

The Blue Mosque
Had to wear a blue skirt and headscarf to go in
The cutest cat!

Taksim Square
People, so many people!
I fly to England tomorrow, stay in a hotel, all you can eat breakfast, then a flight to Amsterdam.
Looking forward to it actually, although of course I will miss all the other EVS volunteers massively but there's nothing quiet like coming 'home' after a long trip! The last video is coming along nicely but it will still be awhile.

Overall, I think Turkey was an amazing start to my Gap Year, I've learned about a new culture, a little of a new language and made some more amazing international friends! I've learned how to live and work with the same 10 people for a whole month, sharing one bathroom and some-how managing to have no real fights. Something previously unimaginable! I've learned that even though I repacked three times before coming here, (each time taking something else out) I still over-packed or at least my rucksack was still too heavy and that for the rest of my Gap Year I really need to figure out what to do with my laptop, but for Germany, it will still be fine. Something comforting is that I didn't pack the most (*Cough Andi) but neither the least (Hudi with just one large travelers rucksack). I think I was somewhere in the middle.

Francesca, Guillermo and Apri join us tonight for the last night, so just Jana is missing. I think tonight will be a lovely way to end the EVS Experience! : )



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