Friday, 14 September 2012

A Turkish Point of View

A Turkish point of view on our List of Strange things in Turkey!


1. For us, seatbelt are seen as a barrier for our freedom. That's true, most of the people don't wear them.

2. Zebra crossings do not work here even if there are some. So, it is better not to make them if anybody will not pay attention.

3. Driving is stressfull but walking is not. So, we put those countdowns to take stress of the drivers and focus them on something else.

4. Turks usually uses edge of fork as a knife. We are a little bit lazy both for bringing and using knife.

5. Security is a sign of being serious. Most of the security guys at those shopping malls behaves as if they are FBI agents.

6. Life is cruel...

7.Even polices do the same :)

8. We love touching!

9. You have right to call police but eventually it might not work.

10. It is true that there a lot stray animals. But we say "if there are a lot of stray animals in a district, it means that you have nice neighbours" People feed them.

11. Turks are the inventors of toilet. So, believe me its much more healtier and comfortable using this kind of "classical" toilets :)

12. It is great to wake up this shitty song, isn't it? :) Plus, it is also good to start the day early :)

13. Well, I agree that it is too early!

14. There are 4 million of Turks in Germany, many in Austria and some other German speaking countries. Today, 1 person out of 10 has a "German speaking" backround. But pronunciation usually sucks!

15. That's true. But there should be also something sweet (chocolate, marmelade or something like that. Are we run out?)

16. That's true.

17. It is scientifically proved that drinking tea (even on hot days) makes your body cooler. Try it. I personally drink 20 cups of tea (minimum) per day :)

18. True :)

19. We love to be high :)

20. Turkish flag is everywhere, even in our hearts :)

By Safa our coordinator!

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